Easy Ways to Make Money Online

Legitimate Work from Home Opportunities

There are many “how to work from home jobs” you can choose from…..make money AND have fun!

Free Ways to Make Money Online

  • Amazon Affiliate: Amazon Associates Programs allows bloggers and writers to place referral links on their websites and when shoppers click on the links and purchases an item, the retailer pays the blogger a percentage of the sale.
  • Affiliate Links: Add your affiliate link in relative forums such as Craigslist, Viral PDFs, Emails, Articles, Post Ads on Facebook and share through social media
  • YouTube: Create Videos and Make Money with Video Ads. Earning money has a vlogger has never been easier with social media. Create interesting and helpful videos to YouTube.com and hope they go viral!
  • Writing Articles: If you have a knack for writing there is no better time than now. Try Elance, Fiverr,  Foxy Blogger which will pay you for words on your page.
  • Surveys: There are several survey sites you can make money from...and some even pay up to $25 per survey...however they tend to be time consuming and getting through the process was hard for me. However several other bloggers have made money this way.
  • Write and Publish and eBook. Writing a book can be easy using Amazon’s eBook tool to create and sell your book to Kindle Users worldwide.
  • Data Entry Jobs: You can get hired from WestatHome.com and apply for jobs. They also offer paid training.
  • Take Photos and sell them on Istock, Deposit Photos, Graphic Stock and Fotolia
  • Google Adsense: Truly Passive Income...create a website, place Google Ads and then drive traffic. You make money on how many views or clicks you receive.
  • SwagBucks: Get Paid to Surf the Net. You download their program in your browser and get paid just for doing what you normally do!
  • Build and Sell Websites: With technology today it is easy to build websites without knowing any coding! Sell your sites on Flippa


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