Driving Traffic to your site is the way to increase sales and there are a few simple things you can do in order to create traffic.

Most of you will know that a link is text or an image which, when clicked, takes you to another page on the internet. What you might not be aware of is that links are extremely important for search engine optimization and helping your site rank well in the search engines for your important keywords.

Although Google changed how it uses backlinks….they are still an essential tool for having the Google Search Engine Spiders find you. An easy way to get backlinks is through Twitter which the Google Spiders will find your site and then your pages will begin to be indexed.


Four Steps for Quality Backlinks

1. Get links by setting up a Twitter Profile.

2. Submit your Site to Google, Yahoo, Bing…and a few more below

3. Deep Links-Deep links are basically to articles in your website.

4. Create A SiteMap- This enables the Spiders to know which pages are on your website.

 Popular Directory Listings: 





Yahoo Business Directory

Best of the Web

Directory Journal



  Social Media










 Social Bookmarking:

Social Bookmarking is where you can receive paid comments to your site. Google loves it when it sees you are engaging your customers. Many times you can pay someone to post reviews but the issue is they need to be relevant in order to help your rankings.

Del.icio.us– owned by Yahoo-Del.icio.us allows you to search and subscribe to other people’s bookmarks, either individually or as a group.

Del.icio.us is useful primarily because bookmarks are taggable. It allows you to tag your link with a number of description keywords  The advantage of tagging is that it makes it very easy for other people who are also interested in those topics to locate your blog posts and your other tagged information and immediately see why it is relevant to them.

Technorati: Technorati is an RSS Directory for driving targeted traffic.

StumbleUpon: Discover new sites based upon preferences. When you click the Stumble button…the site retrieves pages based on your preferences!

OnlyWire: This site will allow you to bookmark your site on 19 different sites. Quite a few well known portals.

Digg-Digg isn’t your typical bookmarking site, although it is user-fuelled. On the homepage you’ll see a bunch of recent stories that have been submitted by a member, and then ‘dug’ by other members.

It’s a simple concept: people ‘digg’ stories and articles that they like and ‘bury’ those that they don’t.


Article Submissions:


SquidooStreet Articles

Ezine Articles

Web 2.0




Post Ads On Craigslist-

Go to your local bookstore and look at books in your niche. Leave a business card on the inside of the book in your specific niche.












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