How to Create Ads in Facebook

Creating Ads in Facebook

Considering Facebook has over 1.3 Billion online users and can “target customers” based on likes, habit, interests and can reach the right people that will be interested in your business. It can also help you jump start sending traffic to new websites while you are waiting for Google to indexed your pages. The ads are low priced and you can get started for as little as $1.00 a day.

Steps to Setting up Your Facebook Ads:

Step 1.

Log into Your Facebook Page and Click on Promote on the right hand corner. Then click on “ADS Manager”

Facebook Home Page Promote



  Step 2

Once you click on AD’s Manager you will see the stats page. Then Click on CREATE AD in the Upper right hand side in GREEN


Facebook Create Ad Step 2


 Step 3:

Choose the Objective for Your Campaign. Facebook has several ways you can run your campaign.


Choose Objective Step 3


Step 4:

Click on “Clicks to Website”  and enter your website URL. Then scroll down and complete the audience you would like to target.

Enter URL Step 4


Step 5:

Target Your Audience

Custom Fields let you pick your customers!

Facebook Ads 6 Audience



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Find Images


Create A Headline


Choose A FaceBook Fan Page

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