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Creating this website has been a constant learning experience from trying new software to marketing, plugins, themes, seo and traffic building training videos, marketing videos, etc…. A vast amount of information exists online so I created a place for everyone to go in case they wanted to know specifically products I have used or tried out and here are some of those items I currently use that have made a difference. You are under no obligation to use or purchase these products. I may add more in the future as I come across ones that have made a difference.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. Please understand I have tried, used, bought, these products and recommend them because they are useful not because of the small commissions. Please do not purchase the products unless you feel they will help you achieve your affiliate marketing goals.

Favorite WordPress Themes:

MH Newsdesk Theme: This is the theme that Wealthy Bloggers is built upon. It is so easy to use. MH Themes has step by step instruction of how to set it up exactly as the theme demo. I decided upon this one because I liked the magazine layout.

Iconic One Pro: I started out with the free version but then upgraded to  Iconic One Pro.  The original version Iconic One is just as easy but the Pro version theme had a few extra features. I love the white, clean, fresh look to it. The customization  is so easy and the developer answers emails and is very helpful. After this theme I moved to MHNewsdesk.

Genesis Generate Theme:  I ended up purchasing this theme as well. I really love the font, layout, and ease of use. This  theme has built in headline box to increase email subscribers. Great looking and professional design. The theme was too difficult for me to put together on my own but now I have gotten better I may try to use it again.

Flatsome Theme: I have a cat website still “under development” on this theme. It is a Woo Commerce theme with many different features …but still a lot of really annoying bugs, however I like the theme well enough to keep it.


The  #1 Tool I Cannot Live Without!

PPC Campaign
Lead Pages……Get more conversions with Beautiful Landing  and Optin Pages…easy to integrate with your PPC Campaign. Very easy to set up a bit pricey but worth it….if you want to increase traffic and get sales quickly you can combine lead pages with your social media  and send customers directly to vendors.


SEO Tools-Keyword Research



The BEST Keyword Analytics Tool on the market. Gives traffic, expected traffic, and how many competitors you have on the “specific key word phrase”. Really helpful as well to write content.

Find topics for your niche site with Google Alphabet which consists of typing in a key word phrase and then *a or *b..which brings ups the most researched word beginning with that specific letter. You can find topics for your niche site, see how many competitors there are on your “specific keyword” and how much traffic you can expect to gain from using that keyword.

Tools and Tracking

Quicksprout :KIND of A BIG DEAL! KISSMetrics is a great tool to analyze your website. It stands apart from the crowd  and will tell you speed time, load time, social media, indexed pages, all in a really easy to read design. First 3 URLs are free

Optimizely: I ran my site through this and it took about a week. Wow! Which pages had broken links, errors, warnings, etc…and this was after I paid someone to get rid of my Google Webmaster errors.

AHREFS: Fantastic Online Tool to see everything about your website such as: Backlinks, Ranking, Referring Domains

It is Free for Newbies. See underneath their regular pricing there is a sign up box!

SEO MOZ: Free for 30 Days with a credit card.

Have everything in one place. Rankings, Links, Traffic, Brand, Social, Content, Website errors, missed conversations…they will show you how to fix them!– this tools will give you “associated Keywords” that will help rank higher in the search engines. Sprinkle articles with these related words…and make Google crazy!

Heatmapping Tools

Clicky -real time web analytics, heatmapping, on site analytics, alerts.

Crazyegg: Crazyegg is software designed to heatmap your website so that you can view where you customers are going and how long they are staying on particular pages or where you are losing your customers.


WordPress  Plugins

EasyAzon If you decide to become an Amazon Affiliate EasyAzon can help save time and help make more money. This plugin allows you to create an Amazon link (text only, image only, info block, call to action and search results right from your wordpress dashboard. No more bouncing back and forth between your website and Amazon….this tool does it all in one snap.


Articles and Logos

As much as I hate to say it…because I know it may be hard…you really should try to write your own content. I write most of mine….but have also spent a lot of money on articles…(at least $600) and am not even using. Usually the writer just put a bunch of information down…and it did not have the tone or feeling I wanted to convey. I was lucky to grab even a few sentences from all of them 🙁 but if you insist and want to hire writers go to:

or you can get a very professional writer but she is a bit pricey…$200-$500 per article but I think totally worth it! See for Yourself.

Jennifer Markell


Istock: I love Istock out of all the photo publishers online, high quality, unique, great at concept marketing.

I used to love Istock but once I purchased a photo that I did not want…and believe me they are not cheap…so  I called the number on their site and waited over 15 minutes for someone to answer the phone. Then finally a person answered the phone that sounded like they were at home napping….and they did not sound too happy I called….so I went on to describe the mistake and that I had been a good customer for over a year… basically she said that is “why we give you a comp” we don’t give any refunds due to the technical nature….click..just as I started to explain to her  download the wrong one…since they were both similar)…so then after that I found someone for half the price and the same photos and that is: -very high quality images for a fraction of the cost!!

Envato: Free Quality Photos with Photodune. They have a few different sections such as:

Coveractionpro: This is a great tool for making flat e-book covers into a 3 d cover.  People do judge a book by its cover so use this tool to make your e-book more attractive. I hope to have an e-book and will definitely use this tool!

BannerZon- Create your Own Custom Banners.

Domain Hosting:

BlueHost is one of the easiest hosting companies to work with, great live customer support. Easy to use if you are going to sell a domain on Flippa.

Namecheap: Namecheap is a bit less expensive..especially if you add the promo code. If you Join Wealthy Affiliate I suggest  Namecheap because it takes less than 15 minutes on average to change the DNS settings and point them back to WA.


Blogging for Dummies by Bair and Gardner: This is one of the first books I purchased. I was so new that I was not sure if I should create a blog, or a website…(which I found out are pretty well the same thing)

Convert Every Click by Benji Rabhan: I bought this book when I was researching information on writing eye catching content. It did not have the copy tips but did show me how to create a funnel page. You can write great copy but you still need to direct your traffic to buy something from you.

Start Your Own eBusiness by  Entrepreuner Press and Rich Mintzer:

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill: This book is a classic that teaches the fundamentals of Believing success can be yours. It is Spiritual Law that what you think about you bring about. Having the right mindset can be the difference of being a millionaire or pauper. Believe to Achieve. Without it nothing will change in your life.

My Favorite Book!



The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss, Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich: Definitely an Eye Opener for Me…I realized exactly how much of my time was spent doing “busy work” and not being productive. Really an EYE Opener.

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