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Searching for ways to make money online I came across a lot of companies that offer to PAY for your time. The issue is can drive you crazy if you don't know which ones to sign up for because a lot of them are junk! they will have you fill in a lot of questions and preferences just to tell you at the end of 10 minutes that you didn't qualify so it was a complete waste of time.

Then they have videos you can watch that pay you .001 which isn't equal to a penny which it takes 10 of these 15 second videos which means I spent 2.5 minutes for 1 penny. Which means if I had a real job I would be paid equivalent of 24 cents per hour!

One of the worst I went to was Cash Crate....(which is popular but I really DON'T like it) but they require you to personally sign up for TWO free trial offers....and then promise $500 for 87 steps...and then by the time you get to the 87 step they send you to fill in thousands upon thousands of surveys which they call "mother load of all surveys".....after that I bailed. One day when I have nothing to do but waste time to see if I qualify for my $500 after spending days filling out surveys I may try it...but probably not...

I don't know about you but time is all we really if you want to be paid for it well then these surveys are the best ones I have used. Easy to set up. No spam. Legitimate Surveys especially because Neilson is behind them.

  • American Consumer Opinion
  • Opinion Outpost
  • Survey Savvy
  • Vindale Research





Valerie Whitt

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