How to Create a Website for free!

If you looking for a place to create a free website? I can help.

Whether you are looking to create a website for your business,  a hobby, or become an affiliate marketer you can accomplish this with consistent effort and a good foundation.

Now before we jump into a free website versus a paid website lets see what are the characteristics of a good website…versus a bad one….


Features of a Good Website:

1. Fast Load Time

2. Professional Look and Feel

3. Great Content

4. Ease of Use

5. Use WordPress (CMS)  (see why below)


Features of a BAD Website:

1. Flashing Ads

2. Irrelevant content connected to the keyword

3. Bad Navigation, Broken Links

4. Slow load time

5. Hard to Read – font size and contrast


 The Importance of -True Content Management System (CMS)

Most likely you have heard of WordPress and there IS  a reason why it is the most widely used framework to build websites. The ability to just drag and drop, post and organize is relatively easy and anyone can learn it. Nowadays anyone can build a WordPress website with the click of a button. Gone are the days of having to learn html, programming and code!

Now make sure you don’t confuse vs They are very different and has VERY Limited features. See the differences here


The benefits of building your website on WordPress

  • Thousands of Free Themes to choose from
  • Free Plugins that make your website cool!
  • Enhanced SEO to help you get traffic
  • Easy to monetize


Create A Free WordPress Website Now!


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