Tools and Resources

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. Please understand I have tried, used, bought, these products and recommend them because they are useful not because of the small commissions. Please do not purchase the products unless you feel they will help you achieve your affiliate marketing goals.

Favorite WordPress Themes:

best wordpress themes 2016

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes are Plugins are highly converting WordPress Themes that include a drag and drop editor, landing pages, focus areas, pop up boxes, email capture boxes etc. The theme and plugins are $47 a year! Compare that to LeadPages that is OFF Site and over $3,000 a year!  It's unbelievable what you get with Thrive. Millions of sites built are built on Thrive.


SEO Tools-Keyword Research



The BEST Keyword Analytics Tool on the market. Gives traffic, expected traffic, and how many competitors you have on the "specific key word phrase". Really helpful as well to write content.

  • Find topics for your niche site with Google Alphabet which consists of typing in a key word phrase and then *a or *b..which brings ups the most researched word beginning with that specific letter. You can find topics for your niche site, see how many competitors there are on your "specific keyword" and how much traffic you can expect to gain from using that keyword.
  • Keep Track of Your Ranking in Google! It is so easy to see exactly where you and your competitors rank for the same keyword! 

Domain Hosting:

  • Wealthy Affiliate has a live community that is great for newbies just starting out! You get two free sites in any niche!
  • BlueHost:  is one of the easiest hosting companies to work with, great live customer support. Easy to use if you are going to sell a domain on Flippa.


  • Aweber is Hands Down the BEST Email Provider I have found for a newbie to be able to use and understand! Friendly and helpful staff made it easy for me to connect Thrive to my Campaign!

Tools and Tracking

  • IncreaseSales-Blog

  • QuickSprout: KIND of A BIG DEAL! QuickSprout is the easiest way for you to make better content for your audience.
  • AHREFS: Fantastic Online Tool to Track your backlinks, keywords and brand mentions and know  what your competitors are doing. 
  • SEO MOZ: Try the best free tools for link building and analysis, keyword research, webpage performance, Twitter analytics, local listing audits, and more.
  • will give you "associated Keywords" that will help rank higher in the search engines. Sprinkle articles with these related words...and make Google crazy!

WordPress Plugins


  • Azon Authority-Professional License If you decide to become an Amazon Affiliate Azon Authority can help save time and help make more money. This plugin allows you to create an Amazon link (text only, image only, info block, call to action and search results right from your wordpress dashboard. No more bouncing back and forth between your website and Amazon....this tool does it all in one snap.
  • Azon Authority- Single License. 
  • Azon Authority: Done for You Power Builder

Logos and Banners

  • Fiverr is the #1 place I go for Banner,s Logos, Content Writing
  • Elance: Elance is similar to Fiverr but I find Fiverr easier to deal with
  • Odesk: I use Odesk on occasion however  I still love Fiverr the BEST


  • PR Web: PR Web has the best reputation and network of syndicated sites.
  • EIN: You will get great value with an EIN Press Release. They syndicate with several top news sites with page ranking of 6 or higher.
  • PRBUZZ: Get Unlimted Press Releases for a super low price! Syndicate up to several hundred sites.


  • Fotolia: This is my favorite place to shop for high quality images! Affordable packages and monthly subscriptions for all budgets.
  • iSTOCK: iStock is another favorite place! I do spend a lot of money on images because to me I would rather just get the image that I love quickly than to spend half an hour searching through bad images to get one half way decent.
  • Envato: Free Quality Photos with Photodune. They have a few different sections such as:
  • Coveractionpro: This is a great tool for making flat e-book covers into a 3 d cover. People do judge a book by its cover so use this tool to make your e-book more attractive. I hope to have an e-book and will definitely use this tool!
  • Canva Create your Own Custom Banners.


  • Blogging for Dummies by Bair and Gardner: This is one of the first books I purchased. I was so new that I was not sure if I should create a blog, or a website...(which I found out are pretty well the same thing)
  • Convert Every Click:  by Benji Rabhan: I bought this book when I was researching information on writing eye catching content. It did not have the copy tips but did show me how to create a funnel page. You can write great copy but you still need to direct your traffic to buy something from you.
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill: This book is a classic that teaches the fundamentals of Believing success can be yours. It is Spiritual Law that what you think about you bring about. Having the right mindset can be the difference of being a millionaire or pauper.
  • The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss, Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich: Definitely an Eye Opener for Me...I realized exactly how much of my time was spent doing "busy work" and not being productive. Really an EYE Opener.

FREE Tools

LastPass: Due to the numerous websites and login ID’s you will be creating this tool is fantastic. I have been a user since early 2010. It protects all of your urls and passwords in one place and you can easily navigate from website to website without ever having to reenter a password. It does it all for you!

Gmail Account- If you currently have a gmail account that is okay. You do not need to set up a new one. Having a gmail account will allow you to easily create all of your google accounts.

Google Analytics-See how many page views you have, how long a visitor has stayed on your site, and what the bounce rate is. (meaning visitors that clicked off of your website immediately)

Google Webmaster Tools- I truly Love Google Webmaster because I can see how many links to my site, how many impressions, how many clicks plus a lot more.

Google Adsense: Turn your passion into profit. AdSense is a free, simple way to earn money by placing ads on your website.

Google Keyword Planner- Figure out which keywords to use to bring in traffic.


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